Tigers React To Their Brand New Pool After Never Swimming Before

Siberian tigers Carli and Lily were imprisoned in small, filthy cages. Now, they're learning how to be tigers again. While some cats don't necessarily enjoy taking a bath, it turns out that many do. Tigers, in particular, seem to love playing around in some cool water.

For Carli and Lily, who have spent most of their lives without any water to play in, an in-ground pool may just be the best thing for them. The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) rescued them from a broken-down cage in the outskirts of Buffalo, New York.

Now Carli and Lily live at the Safe Haven Rescue Zoo in Nevada, where they just got a new in-ground pool, thanks to the efforts from IFAW and the people at Safe Haven. Luckily, IFAW set up some cameras so we could see these incredible tigers make their first splash in their brand new pool.

Watch the video below:
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