Homeless Man Lands Full-Time Job, Then Security Camera Catches Him After His 1st Paycheck

This incredible scene was captured outside a window supply company in Britain. Aaron Doyle, who works for the company, shared the video, saying, 'His reaction as he left was absolutely priceless.' The man in the video was recently living at a homeless shelter, but Doyle said he was 'won over,' in part because he always offered Doyle some chocolate that he would receive from a church each morning.

Doyle stated 'He wants to get back on his feet. He started at work on a trial basis to see how he got on, and if he made a good impression he would be given a permanent position.' Well, good impression he made, since the man ended up landing a permanent position. It's unclear what his job title is but hopefully it lasts for a while!

Watch the video below:
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