Elderly Military Man Brings In A 1960 Rolex Expecting $1,500 - Then Gets It Appraised

This entire story unfolds before our eyes on Antiques Roadshow. As the video reveals, the watch was purchased by the gentleman (then serving in the Army) in Zweibrucken, Germany in 1960.

The gentleman had no clue what he was buying, he had not even heard of Rolex before - he was simply buying on the good recommendation of his Sergeant to 'buy a Rolex watch' before he returned back to the States. He ended up purchasing the watch for $120.35 and he's got the receipt to prove it!

Even better, the guy actually bought two of the Rolex watches, spending another month's salary on a Rolex for his father. And when the owner hears the estimated auction value of his Rolex GMT-Master Ref...well, a genuinely emotional and heart-felt reaction surfaces.

Watch the video below:
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