Keanu Reeves Can't Handle It When Whoopi Goldberg Explains What Happens Downstairs When Women Age

You don't often get the chance to witness Whoopi Goldberg, Keanu Reeves and Jamie Dornan casually discussing what happens to women when they age. During Friday's episode of 'The Graham Norton Show,' Whoopi was asked about her new stand-up gig in London - a part of which deals with the aging process.

She stated, 'It's about waking up and realizing you're not the youngest thing in the room anymore.' One of the things that entails, it turns out, is something Goldberg refers to as 'the balding pudenda.' Reeves made a face that seemed to suggest that he isn't familiar with the 'balding pudenda.' Whoopi then begins to explain and Keanu can't handle it.

Watch the video below:
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