Rich Guy Thinks He Teaches This Store Owner A Lesson After Being Told He Couldn't Afford A Phone

This man has a bone to pick at this store selling iPhones. He ended up buying all the iPhones at the store - only to smash them with a hammer immediately after.

It all started when the man stopped by the Apple store to ask employees if they could fix his iPhone. But the owner told him they were not able to repair the device. 'Fix? What fix? If you have the money then buy a new phone. If you don't, then go to another store to have it fixed,' the owner can be heard saying in the video, according to World of Buzz.

However, that didn't go over well with the customer who became extremely angry and impatient. 'I see you have many iPhone devices in the store. I'll buy them all,' he says. The staff thought the man was just kidding around. Well, he wasn't. He was warned by the owner not to break anything else in the store, but the man didn't stop there:
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