After Being Shot At By Taliban Snipers, The U.S. Army Shows Why It Is A Bad Idea To Snipe At Them

A Taliban sniper team thought they would try to snipe some American soldiers, but little did they know the retaliation that was about to come their way.

In this Hornet's Nest clip on the American Heroes Channel, a father-son journalism team embedded with the 101st Airborne captured footage of the unit pinned down by Taliban snipers. A bullet from a sniper comes extremely close to killing some of the American soldiers. At first, the soldiers retaliated with some machine gun fire, which managed to injure one of the enemies. And that was just the beginning. 'They're reporting that everything is okay,' said the translator listening to the enemies on radio. 'Good, it's not going to be okay,' said Lt. Col. Joel Vowell.

Here is the footage below:
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