This Vegetarian Eats Meat For The First Time In 22 Years And She Completely Loses It

Have you ever listened to a vegetarian talk about eating meat? “It’s so disgusting. Plus, it will make me sick. At this point, my stomach like, probably couldn’t even handle it.”

Yeah, not this vegetarian. Stephanie Potakis, casting director at The Onion, hasn’t eaten meat since fourth grade. She decided to try it out for the first time 22 years later and film it for the A.V. Club.. She starts out with chicken, friendly to even the pickiest eaters. Her face is all you need to see to know it’s love at first bite.

“I get what juicy means now,” she says. “That crunch, man. That skin… The flavors are oozing out in every bite. That doesn’t happen with vegetables, ever.”

Watch the video below!
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