Stepdad sold his precious car to pay for wedding. Years later, daughter surprises him with same car

Russell’s stepdad, Dave, once owned – and cherished – a 1973 Porsche 914. Dave was saving up to restore the car, but elected to spend the money he’d set aside on his wedding to Kristin’s mom. The car languished in their garage for a few years before Dave finally sold it.

Kristin spent the past two years saving money from her deployment, and finally located a Porsche 914, identical to the car Dave sold, in Arizona. (Car insurance company Hagerty lists the price of this model Porsche at $14,822.) She traveled 700 miles to buy the car, then had it shipped to Exton, Pennsylvania, and surprised him with it in time for Father’s Day.

As she posted with the video, Kristin says, “I’m just happy I could do something nice for a guy who has always done absolutely anything he could for me.” Now, watch the video and check out Dave’s reaction.
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