Little Boy Sets Up 'Pie In The Face' Game But Watch How The Dog Plays It

The 'Pie Face' game has been at carnivals for many years. The game is like hot potato but you end up with whipped cream on your face. Usually, each player turns the dial and ends up with cream on their face or they don't, and the it goes to the next person.

Now, the 'Pie Face' home edition game has recently taken over and we can understand why. This video by Lisa DiMarco shows her son and dog adding a new twist on the game.

Kids love to get their pets involved in anything they can. Their dog, Macky, has a different way of playing this game. Usually, humans will try their best to dodge the pie but Macky has other ideas.

He knows that his face goes in the hole, but he has a different plan after that:

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