Margot Robbie Is The Worst 'Sexy Librarian' In This SNL Sketch

The famous film trope of the high-school nerd who secretly has a crush on the school’s librarian but is too scared to do anything about because of the women’s beauty is a staple of many an ’80’s teen movie.

As it goes, the librarian would suddenly whip off her spectacles, undo her bun as wind blows her hair free and notice the awkward pre-pubescent boy and all his ‘charm’.

The cliche was spun on it’s head last night in a very funny Saturday Night Live sketch, with Margot Robbie taking on the role of the sexy librarian.

And while the idea of Robbie as a sexy librarian is surely the dream of most of the male (and a large slice of the female) population, the fantasy quickly turns out to be the stuff of nightmares.
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