This Is What A $21000 First Class Airplane Seat Looks Like — It's As Luxurious As You'd Imagine

Casey Neistat found himself unexpectedly upgraded to first class on a recent flight from Dubai to New York, in a seat that would have cost him $21,635.30.

He did what any good vlogger would do and proceeded to document the entire 14-hour flight, describing the experience as one of the greatest days of his life.Today we get a look at The Emirates First Class Seat, a unique, luxurious and rather interesting experience to say the least.

The Emirates First Class Seat features a massive, beautiful cabin with retractable doors, a personal wet bar, an order-anytime menus, and even a shower. It’s like a hotel room in the sky, and today Casey Neistat gives us an upclose look at his journey. Check it out in the video below.
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