Three U.S. Olympic Swimmers And Ryan Lochte Confirmed They Were Robbed and Held At Gunpoint

U.S. Olympic Swimmer Ryan Lochte confirmed that he and three other swimmers were held at gunpoint and robbed saturday night at a party in Brazil.

Lochte released this official statement on Sunday:

Here were more details on the matter:

Nicole Auerbach of USA Today provided a statement on the incident:

Lochte's mother spoke about the incident involving her son with Rachel Axon of USA Today.

"I think they're all shaken up. There were a few of them," Ileana Lochte said. "No, they were just—they just took their wallets, and basically that was it."

Ben Way of Fox Sports gave details covering this incident:

Here is a video of Ryan Lochte explaining what happened that night:

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