The Internet’s In Love With This Adorable Swimmer Who Doesn’t Realize She Just Won A Medal

China's Fu Yuanhui, 20, had just completed the women's 100m backstroke final when she was pulled poolside by a presenter for a chat. An out of breath Fu was first told her time of 58.76 seconds and was amazed at the result, exclaiming: "Wow. Too fast! I broke the Asian record!"

But – after speaking of how exhausted she was – the swimmer did not know that she'd be taking a prize home. In a hilarious moment the interviewer asks for Fu's thoughts on overcoming hardships and injuries and the Fu starts to say: "What I want to share is that even though I did not win a medal." But she's interrupted by a vital piece of information from the presenter: "You got a medal. You are third."

See her adorable reaction below!
That's not even the best part. Here's her reaction when she discovered that she clocked her personal best in the women’s 100m backstroke, and made it to the finals.
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