This Is What Happens When You Don’t Hire A Wedding Photographer

The following photos are actual photos from Eirik Halvorsen's wedding, taken by guests. This is what the documentation of his day would have looked like if they didn’t go for a professional who actually knows how to capture a wedding.

“[These] photos are actual photos from our own wedding taken by our guests,” Eirik said The couple came up with this idea while scrolling through a wedding photography group on Facebook “A bride-to-be said they wanted to save money by not hiring a professional wedding photographer” “I mean, they will take pictures, right? You just have to get everyone to dropbox you the photos after…” “… and you can make your own album and look back on those special moments forever”
Can you though?
Luckily, the couple haven’t followed this advice and had hired a photographer instead Quite the contrast, right? “Me and my wife <…> cut cost everywhere possible to be able to hire our dream photographer” “All I know from the experience of getting married is that all that is left today is the photos”
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