Twitter Is In Tears Over Professor's Reply To Girl Using Breakup Excuse

Here we have Rachel, a 19-year-old student attending Ohio State University: Unfortunately, the day before an assignment was due for her history class, Rachel's boyfriend decided it would be a good time to break off the relationship. When that unexpected news hit, she missed her deadline for the assignment. Rachel ended up sending her professor an honest email in hopes that he would forgive her tardiness: The email reads:

'Dear Professor Steigerwald,

I am so sorry for how late I am submitting this synopsis.

My boyfriend unexpectedly broke up with me yesterday evening and I was a complete, unfocused mess who did not account for such a time consuming hiccup to affect my Sunday productivity.

This will obviously not happen again, as I am no longer 'in a relationship' and will have no one to break up with me next Sunday.

Also, I am very sorry that this is kind of uncomfortable. It is for me too.


Rachel Harriman'

Rachel posted a picture of the email to Twitter as a joke and people were not happy with her ex-boyfriend: Then came her professors response: Rachel told Buzzfeed News 'I got a B+ on the assignment. He did not take off any points for it being late.'

If only more college professors were that cool.
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