This Guy's Attempt At A Hook-Up Went Completely South - Always Know Who You're Texting

This guy, completely destroyed his one attempt at hooking up with this girl. Twitter user @killermarecat tweeted a screenshot of their text message conversation. This guy started off with the 'what u doing' opener.

After a short exchange between the two, the boy seems to think he's texting a 'bro' about this potential hook-up. But to his surprise, he wasn't texting his friend.

'Can I come over? I'll bring u chocolate,' he texted.

'Yeah u remember which dorm?' she asked.

Then he got a little too cocky: This guy inappropriately spoke too soon and to the wrong damn person... 'Bout to get B**LS DEEP BRO,' was not what 'tired girl' wanted to hear and quickly gave him the 'Don't come over' text.

He didn't even have a response to save him after that, but he did ask 'why did u have to tweet it.' Really smooth, guy...
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