Meet Chase Kennedy, the model with the longest legs in America

A 22-year-old from California believes she has the longest legs in America - and while she is busy building a career as a model, she has been turned down by some agencies for being too tall.

At 6' 5” (195cm) tall, Chase Kennedy's legs measure 51 inches (129.5cm) - only 0.9 inches off the world record. The leggy beauty says that her assets have helped her excel in sports. 'I played in high school and it definitely helped in getting picked for a team,' she said. 'In those sports you always want the taller person.' Chase hasn't always loved her height. By the time she started high school at 13-years-old, she already measured 6'1” (185cm) - which is above the height of the average adult man. 'When I was younger, I wished I was smaller just so I could blend in,' she called. 'Because you are standing out, it's kind of hard to feel like you belong. People would make comments about it and call me 'twiggy' or 'giraffe'. 'I was always just so awkward that I didn't want to stand out or anything. But as I have grown older I feel like it's better, it makes me who I am.

I feel sorry for anyone who sits behind us at the cinema - we're like a human wall.' she said.
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