This Lonely Man Posted An Ad Asking For Someone To Go Fishing With Him - The Internet Epically Pulled Through

Ray Johnstone, a 75-year-old man named from Adelaide, Australia posted an ad on the website Gumtree last month. Gumtree is a website similar to Craigslist where you can look for cars, appliances, jobs, ect. It turns out Johnstone was just looking for a fishing buddy. Johnstone stated in his post that he is widowed and he recently lost his best friend who he used to fish with. Here is his post: His post reads, 'My Name is Ray Johnstone Australian I'm a widowed pensioner who is looking for a fishing mate my previous fishing mate is now deceased I am a Land Based Fisherman I have all the gear for all types of Fish that is required for Land Based Fishing WHAT I WANT IS A FISHING MATE IN A SIMILAR POSITION TO MYSELF WHO ALSO WANTS SOMEONE TO GO FISHING WITH I AM WILLING TO SHARE ALL COSTS.' Johnstone started receiving plenty of responses from people in Australia offering to go fishing with him. Eventually, people from all over the world started reaching out to Ray and asking him to join them on their fishing adventures. His original post has now been viewed over 100,000 times and #IllFishWithRay started trending on Twitter. Many people want to be his fishing buddy! He is also getting plenty of love on Twitter from the women! Companies even started to reach out to Ray. He was offered some fishing gear, paid vacations and fishing charter trips. Mati Batsinilas, a carpenter from Brisbane, was moved after reading Johnstone's post. After learning his story, he offered him a two-day fishing trip off Stradbroke Island. Mati stated why he offered the trip to him, 'I would not want to be in that position because we love fishing so much. I'm happy to pay for flights for him from SA to Brisbane, pick him up from the airport. This is just something where I feel like I can help and I do it with passion. I want him to have the best experience of his life.' Reportedly, Batsinilas and his brother Peter are now working on planning a date for Johnstone and his grandson Ivan to fly to Brisbane. Johnstone's daughter, Pamela Joy Edwards, thanked everyone who has reached out on behalf of her father. She posted on Facebook: Now Ray is hoping to get some fishing tips and news from his new followers!
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