Guy Trolls Hotel With Ridiculous Room Requests And The Hotel Does Not Disappoint

If you are ever booking a hotel room online, you may sometimes get the option to type in 'service requests.'

This one Imgur user decided to take his 'service requests' to another level and make a series of awkward and absurd requests:
He did this because he decided he wanted to have a little fun. I'm sure he did not think for one second that his requests would be taken into consideration. Initially, he forgot that he sent these ridiculous requests. So, when he found out that his requests had been fulfilled, he lost it. That is actually a picture of bacon... Take a closer look: From that point, the customer decided to continue his shenanigans. He began requesting some more absurd things. Each request he had submitted was fulfilled by the coolest hotel employees around. This one is the best: It is hilarious thinking about a hotel employee trying to figure out how to fold a towel in the shape of an elephant.
Who would enjoy coming home to this every day?
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