This Drunk Boyfriends Absurd Apology Gift To His Girlfriend Won Us Over

What separates the bad from the good relationships are how couples react to these occasional mistakes.

Jodie Duncan posted a a tweet that can relate to so many couples because pretty much all of them go through fights like these. Her 18-year-old boyfriend, Kieron Cameron, came home drunk one night when they were supposed to be hanging out. Cameron was feeling pretty guilty about getting too tipsy on what was supposed to be a romantic night in. So, he messaged Jodie - numerous times from every app imaginable - to see if he was in trouble: 'Didn't expect to go downstairs for a drink to come back to a message on every app we both have,' Duncan told BuzzFeed News. 'But I wasn't angry in the slightest, was just shaking my head at him.'

Cameron wasn't finished trying to fix the situation. His girlfriend also received an apology email with a £10 MAC gift card. Of course the 'r u angry at me' was added at the bottom of the gift card.

'I don't think Kieron would've sent me that if we didn't have such a jokey/fun relationship because he knows I wouldn't be annoyed at him about it,' she said.

Jodie tweeted the epic story for us to see: She also tweeted some more material for us: People on twitter let her know that she had landed 'a good one.' And here are some comments about the gift card:
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